We are Laughing Dragon Studios. We are an animation studio that is in a word; Hungry. We are hungry to work on new and exciting projects, with creative and driven clients. We are a group of people coming from all walks of life that are united in our focus to make the best-looking, well-produced and timeless animations to fit your needs.

Be it for commercial, educational or entertainment purposes, every production sets out to do one thing: Tell a story. The heart of the story is what brings viewers into your world and showcases your ideas. At Laughing Dragon, we’ve been telling stories in animation, comics, games and more for over 15 years. Here’s how we work:

At the very start, your animation needs are based on one thing: An Idea. At Laughing Dragon Studios, we can help you take your idea and turn it into a story. Our experienced pool of writers, creative directors and producers know how to work with you to tell your story and bring your vision and concepts to life.

Throughout our 15-year history our team of illustrators and story tellers have developed memorable characters as well as adapting existing ones into new mediums. From a white background to a lush fantasy setting, Laughing Dragon Studios not only breathes life into your characters but into the world they inhabit.

The Story Board is where a concept jumps from the page and starts to become a reality. With extensive Story Boarding experience, Laughing Dragon’s team of artists are able to take your vision and shape it, shot-by-shot, into the animation it’s destined to be.

Once the Storyboard is complete and true to your vision, the production takes another step and the creation of an animatic begins. Our years of animation experience has refined our process so that we can show you the moving storyboard, including sound integration, so that you have a clear idea of what the final product will look and sound like!

Laughing Dragon Studios is a signatory of both ACTRA & SAG allowing us to sign AAA & Hollywood voice actors to bring your project to the next level. But we also know that in addition to the voice performance, the overall sound design of a project is just as important as it’s look. Our team of sound engineers are able to craft a soundscape that’s unique to your project and rounds out it’s world.

Now that everything is in order, the Production phase begins! This is where Laughing Dragon weaves all the details, art, sound and special effects together to breathe life into your project!

The background and world that your story inhabits is just as crucial as it’s characters. At Laughing Dragon we can develop set designs right from your script or brief, in a 2D format initially, usually presented as drawings or paintings. This is when the world of your project evolves, even for projects that are destined for CGI!

In order to be animated, a character must be “taken apart” and modelled in to a “Rig.” This creates a detailed skeleton and design for a 3D model so it can be animated to move. This is where Laughing Dragon’s extensive experience in character design comes into play. We’ve created thousands of rigs for hundreds of characters for use in both 3D and 2D animation!

This is the biggest and most detailed part of the project, where we dig in and really make that movie magic! We collaborate with some of the most talented animators and videographers in the industry to bring your vision, sets and characters together to tell your story. At Laughing Dragon Studios, we take the time to introduce deliberate and precisely timed motion to each and every scene, carefully bringing the world that you’ve created to life!

Finally, the finishing touches are applied! With the utmost eye for detail, Laughing Dragon reviews, mixes and prepares your project for release!

All the pieces are in place, now it’s time to start assembling this puzzle! At Laughing Dragon our in-house editors string together all the scenes, audio and other elements of your video. From there it’s easy to see where things need to be tightened up, or have a special effect inserted. Our team is vastly knowledgeable in the creation and application of Special effects, and know how to bring the best out of your video!

This is it, the one you’ve been waiting for and what we’ve been working hard to bring you! The Final Mixing is where we take all the visual, audio and special elements that we’ve created and weave them together into a tight, entertaining and slick video, ready for you to take to the world!