Who Doesn’t Love Robert Munsch?

We Love The Holidays.

In this heartwarming holiday story, we recaptured the whimsy of a young boy named Luke and his dear, chaotic friend, Moose, for the screen.

“Moose” finds its home in viewers’ hearts, transporting them to a realm where laughter, love, and a charismatic moose (aptly named ‘Moose’) reign supreme.

We loved capturing the magic of the holiday season and the joy of family with this project.

To The Magic Of The Holidays!

Moose is a timeless reminder of the magic surrounding us all, encouraging us to embrace the warmth of connection, even if it means indulging in a moose’s appetite for homemade Christmas cookies.

year: 2021

client: Muse Entertainment

directed by: Natasha Artemova

network: CBC, Tou.TV