MONTREAL, Nov. 29, 2023 – Laughing Dragon Studios proudly announces the official launch of the animated adaptation of “Least I Could Do,” the beloved and long-running webcomic series created by Ryan Sohmer and Lar deSouza.

The first episode of this highly anticipated animated series is now live and available for viewing across various social media platforms. Fans and newcomers alike can delve into the world of “Least I Could Do” through the following links:

YouTube: []

Instagram: []

TikTok: []

The talented cast behind this vibrant adaptation includes Yuri Lowenthal, known for his iconic roles as Peter Parker / Spider-Man in 2018’s “Spider-Man,” Sasuke in “Naruto,” Ben Tennyson in “Ben 10,” and various characters in “Monster High,” portraying the character of Rayne Summers. Tara Platt, recognized for her roles as Temari in “Naruto,” Reina in “Rave Master,” Ikuko Tsukino in “Sailor Moon,” and Kali Belladonna in “RWBY,” brings Julie / Ashley to life.

With a commitment to engaging storytelling, the series will release new episodes three times a week, promising audiences a captivating experience every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

This marks the animation studio’s second animated series, following “Isaac & Friends”, an original TikTok short series boasting a dedicated following of over one million fans.

“I’m beyond thrilled to give life to characters that I’ve known for over two decades,” says Sohmer. “In the hands of our animators, and Yuri and Tara giving them their voice, it’s a chance for an entirely new audience to get to know Rayne and his family.”

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